Top Video Trends

2 September 2021

Videos are majorly used for conversion and lead generation. There are huge amount of professional and potential buyers who wish not to talk and deal with salespeople. This leads a way to videos influencing such audiences.

The quality of the content in the video is the most important factor compared to the production quality of the video. They can be better, but content needs to be the best. Hence, Facebook Live videos, webinars with good enough production quality will work if the content is engaging. This has led to a phase where we have huge number of videos on social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Hence, content needs to be providing and paving a way for the consumer to strategically think and decide on the product or service.

Stories and Story Telling format videos play a major role too. This shall create a presentable emotional connection to the audience. Stories are much more interesting than a factual or an article based video. Videos do not have a Thumb Rule as such. It is to be decided on how the introductions to be made, where is the hook and how do we grab the audience attention. It is all about how creatively a video is written and presented.

Videos need to be optimized for specific platforms. With Voice-over or without. Would the video need a relevant sub-title? The decision needs to be made across based on the target audience and platform the videos are used for. YouTube plays a crucial role for videos.

Video quickens sales cycles as opportunity for thinking for prospects is less and action is high.