Why do you need Video Marketing?

24 October 2019

Videos help you make some good money. Do you know? Adding a video on to your landing page of the product has a possibility of increasing your conversions by 80%. Studies prove that 74% of users have bought a product on watching. Videos speak much clearer than an infographic or a presentation. If pictures can boost an engagement massively, imagine the impact of moving pictures along with an interesting audio!

Though production of a video is not easier or a cheaper task, you still have alternatives for approaching. You may think about motion graphic videos or presentation based videos where the cost shall be cut down to 20% to what was expected. Even your smart phones can make some pretty decent videos too.

Content for the videos also play a major role.

Videos build Credibility…

Trusthas been the foundation for any sales conversion. It is always good to stop selling and make people come to you by giving them interesting and useful information about your organization and its services. Video does that all!

New Product Launch

A launch of a new product or services can be showcased by an explainer video on how it works. Studies show that 98% of users say they have watched an explainer to know about a product or a service.

Hence, most businesses prefer an explainer video on their homepage which results to be more effective.

Animation brings reality from imagination which a presentation, infographic or an image cannot. Get the perfect blend of Video, Audio and Animation put together and it works!