Videos and Google

24 October 2019

Videos help in an increased time retention of your website. Longer exposure of your website gives good trust and signals to search engine. This hence proves to search engine that your website has good and quality content.

You’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

Google owns YouTube and this also results for a significant increase in your videos affecting your search engine ranking.

How do I handle my videos on YouTube?

  • Ensure you provide proper titles and descriptions
  • Make sure you optimize your videos for SEO
  • Encourage actions and give potential customers way forward

Videos and mobile devices work for each other. More than 80% of users watch videos on their mobile devices. YouTube reports say that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. The increase in the number of smart phone users simultaneously increases the video audiences too.

Social Networks encourage video content with all possible new features available.

  • Facebook has launched 360 degree videos, Live Videos and Lifestage.
  • Instagram has stories and 60 Sec Videos
  • Twitter has Periscope
  • YouTube is the second most popular social network

So remember, if your videos are entertaining and user-attractive, you are expected to have high ROI, Social Shares and Increased Traffic to your website.